Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally I am in San Diego!!

Did you know it's already July now?

Before I came to San Diego, most of my friends told me, "You don't have to bring jackets or courts!! Just bring T-shirts!"

It was January when I came...OK. Because it's January. It was so cold at night. February? Still cold. March? Still cold....Since I did, I didn't feel I have been in San Diego. Even when I went to Sea World on June, I was so cold since I got wet at the Shamu show. I've heard that it must be dried soon by a strong sunshine though. But finally here is come!!!! I was really waitinig for it:) This is summer but it is too hot than I expected;) It must be good to go to beach but I'm not sure how I can survive summer.

It's getting change though due to a global warming, we have a four-season in Japan. In winter, it might be clod and we sometime have snow days. Then spring comes, it starts to bloom and you see colorful flowers. It will be getting hot included a rainy season and finally we have hot and humid days in summer. If you feel it gets cooler than before, it means fall has come. You can see different scenery in each season.

By the way, I just remembered I'm no good at summer...;;) Being at beach in San Diego should be great though.


  1. I know what you mean, it's difficult to adapt to another region's weather! I came from the Midwest and was used to 4 REAL seasons ranging from -15F to 100F. I couldn't feel much difference between the seasons here in SD, thinking that it always felt very warm. Now that I've lived here for several years I guess I'm thin-skinned because I'll be bundled up in 70 degrees while the tourists are at the beach!

  2. Well, welcome to San Diego! Sorry, for the weather. It's been ... well, a little off for a while. I was just happy that the Sun came back for a part of the summer :)